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Chivalry Games Help Center

  • Can I use partial movement? For example, can I move my character with two extra movement points only one of the two movements?
    No. You must use all movement points or none of them.
  • What if I forget to do something during my turn like add my character’s extra movement or take another turn if a three was rolled?
    Your turn is over once you pass the dice to the next player. You lose out on your extra movement points, additional turns from rolling a three, starting battles, and using special skills. You are required to roll for a fate though.
  • Can my characters battle each other?
    No. Your characters can only battle characters belonging to an opponent.
  • Do I get a fate after rolling a five even if I have no characters in play?
    Yes. You must roll for a fate even if you do not have any characters in play because some fates may still apply to the player.
  • Do I get to add points to my character’s health when upgrading their health points?
    Yes. When upgrading health points, the health at the bottom of the battle card should be increased by the difference in health points from the upgrade.
  • What if I don’t want to use my happiness fate?
    All happiness fates are optional.
  • How can characters jump so far from one wall to another within the castle?
    The castle is magic allowing characters to somewhat defy gravity. Characters wearing heavy armor will have a harder time jumping the longer distances.
  • What new add-on characters will be added to the game in the future?
    We welcome your suggestions for new characters. Some characters that we are currently interested in pursuing are the angel (good), illusionist (magic), medusa (chaos), and titan (neutral).
  • Can my archer shoot up at a character on a wall?
    Maybe. The range is not determined by the distance between the two characters. The range is the number of movement points that it would take a character to move to land in the space occupied by the opposing character.
  • Does my character lose upgrades after losing a battle and being taken out of play?
    Characters taken out of play do not lose any of their upgrades, and their health is reset for when they are brought back into play.
  • How can my characters regain their health points?
    Characters regain all of their health points when they are brought into play or visit a lucky toad. Some health points can also be obtained through healing spells or fates on the card of happiness.
  • Can I use my character’s extra movement points immediately after placing them in the starting position?
    No. The character cannot apply their movement points when they are placed in the starting position.
  • Can a character exit from the Inner Square down a stairway?
    Yes. A character can exit the Inner Square by going down any of the four stairways but can only return through their own stairway.
  • How many battles can I start on my turn?
    Starting battles is optional. Each of your characters in play can start battles with any characters within their range. A character can only battle each opposing character once per turn.
  • What is the order to be followed for movement, applying fates, starting a battle, and using special skills?
    All movement must be completed first followed immediately by applying the fate if a five was rolled. battles can then be fought if desired. Special skills can be used at different times depending on the skill. Special skills reserved for the end of a turn must be done after the battles are completed.
  • Can my characters fight across the colored line along side of their King or Queen?
    Yes. Characters can fight across their colored line with their ranged weapons and spells, but cannot cross their colored line.
  • What if I accidentally place my character in a starting position that is not as far along as their upgraded starting position?
    The character would have to remain in play as is. Characters can be placed in any starting position up to their upgraded starting position.
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