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Multi-level Castle Board

Chaostleâ„¢ will take you to a world of fierce battles and terrible magic on a multi-level castle board where 16 fantastic followers will battle at your command to conquer the castle.

New Characters

The Melee expansion to Chaostle introduces eight new characters with all new special abilities along with the ability build siege weapons and collect treasure.
Trade with a shady merchant for potions.
Collect magic and summons cards to boost your forces.


Melee Expansion



It’s a great game and it is very well balanced. I like the way everything can change on a moment’s notice and the slight control that each player has in the amount of risk they take. The fighting was well thought out and moved quickly. I like how a single roll determines hit/miss, weapon and damage. That was a real slow down in D&D that you had to pick a weapon, see if you hit or miss and then determine damage all separately.

It’s really a cool-a** game!

I really enjoyed yesterday’s game. I think it was THE most exciting game I have ever played. It is uncommon in any other game to go from the depths of depression to heights of anticipation only to be dealt with some amazingly unforeseen twist of fate, and sent to the furthest and darkest corner of oblivion. Thanks again and congratulations on coming up with such an awesome game!

The variety and detail of play is amazing.

Totally awesome! I think we should play every month. The luck factor certainly adds huge entertainment value.

I was horrified by the complexity at the beginning. This changed to interest and excitement as the game progressed.